2018 Annual Meeting


Montreal Meeting Preliminary Announcement


The New York State-Ontario (NYSO) and New England (NEMLA) chapters of the Music Library Association and the Quebec Chapter (SQACBM) of the Canadian Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres are pleased to announce a joint regional meeting to be held in Montreal at McGill University’s New Residence Hall on November 8 and 9, 2018. The event will be even more special because the MLA board will attend and hold their fall meeting in conjunction, and representatives from the CAML and IAML boards will be in attendance.

More details, including a call for proposals, will follow. All are invited.

U.S. attendees are reminded that they need a valid passport to enter Canada. Please plan accordingly.


  • Lenora Schneller, NYSO chapter chair
  • Marci Cohen, NEMLA chapter chair
  • Rachel Gagnon, SQACBM chapter chair


Meeting organization working group members:

  • Houman Behzadi, NYSO and SQACBM
  • Cathy Martin, SQACBM
  • Lenora Schneller, NYSO
  • Jared Rex, NEMLA
  • Marci Cohen, NEMLA